Frequently Asked Questions
  • General questions
    • What is holaji?

      Holaji is India's one of the best trips arranging and travel search engine available online. Our motto is to offer quality products to our customers on affordable prices with an easy way. We achieve this by continually developing and providing all travel-related needs of our users, whether about choosing the right destination, modes of transport, places to see, stay & eat or usable local tips. Not only this, we allow our users to book their flights, hotel rooms, and travel packages as per his/her convenience. We cover almost all the best tourist places all around the world to ease and simplify the life.

    • What it isn't?

      We are not an online travel agent, which means we don't sell you tickets or hotel rooms. In reality, we are not selling anything at all. The bookings always happen on a third-party travel booking website, which can be an airline, a hotel website or an online travel agency. We just help you to choose where to book and to save your time and money in the process. But if still you have any problem with bookings, you can contact to us.

    • How is holaji different from other travel portals?

      Holaji is a social travel platform that supply high quality travel services on affordable prices. With this portal, you can book flights, hotel rooms, and travel packages. You can also customize your tour package according to your requirements. On the behalf of quality services, it is different from other travel platform.

    • How can I use Trip Planner to plan my trip?

      Holaji Trip Planner helps you to explore destinations, get information and plan your journey. You can go to the package option and click there. all national and international packages with be opened and you can select according to your trip. You can also type destination name in the search bar and find trip packages there. It will show you the visiting places of your destination, places to stay, places to eat and explore.

    • How holaji help me to plan my excursion?

      You will add your destination in the search bar and find your flight, hotel room, or Travel package. Then, your result is shown to you and you can select any of those options according to your requirements.

    • What if I cannot find my question on this list?

      In case you have a specific question, which does not get addressed in our FAQ section, please write to us by click on this link below: _______________. You can ask your question there and we will answer you as soon as possible.

    • What are your terms of use and privacy policy? Where can I read more about it?

      Our terms of use and privacy policy both are explained on the homepage and the link of terms of use is ________ and privacy policy link is _______. You can read them from there.

    • Is there some way I can see the summary of all my activities on holaji?

      Yes, user can see the summary of all his activities on holaji by clicking on my page. You have to register on holaji first, only then you are able to see the summary of your all activities there.

    • How can I contact holaji?

      If you wish to send us snailmail, you can address it to: Office no. 5, Dharam Singh Market, Chowk Fawara, Amritsar, (143001) India, email:, Mobile no. +91 700 918 6586 or +91 981 564 1310

  • Account setting
    • Why should I create holaji account?

      Welcome to holaji! Holding a record is free, you can pursue a record through portable applications: 1. Go to or versatile application and click "Signup". 2. Sign up exceptionally quick by interfacing with Facebook, or sign up with your email address. Account created! Benefits: 1. Signing up is very easy 2. Check your complete booking history made with holaji. This will include your booking amounts, refunds processed, cancellations and amendments done.

    • Updating email and mobile number

      We apologize, but we don't allow updating/changing of email ID or Mobile Number associated with your account, Because of security reasons.

    • Subscription and notification setting

      You can change your subscription and know about latest travel, offers, and other advancements. You can also turn off/on your notification settings. If you want to see holaji notifications, then turn notification on, and if you don't want to see notifications, then turn them off.

    • How to actuate my holaji account?

      If you are not able to login with your current account, so you need to activate your holaji account. For this, you have to click "Sign In" and click Activate below the forgot password link. Type the email address listed under Send activation email in the form field, and press Send email Within seconds, you should receive an email with link to activate your account.

    • How can I reset my password?

      Below are the steps you need to follow to reset. Update your password: 1. Go to on Desktop. 2. Click on "Sign In/Sign up" link on the top right corner. 3. Now a pop up appears, click on "Log In" link at the bottom. 4. Click on "Forgot password" link 5. Enter the email address from which you created your holaji account. 6. Click on "Reset My Password" 7. You will receive an email to reset your account password. Follow the instructions in the email to reset/update your account password.

    • What are the benefits of becoming a registered member of holaji?

      For a registered member of holaji, you will be entitled to saving and benefits on airfares, hotel booking, tour packages, among other travel services. Likewise, look forward to receiving monthly newsletters and other exclusive promotions offering special deal.

  • Payments and Refund
  • Search Bar
    • How can I use the search bar on the home page?

      A search bar is placed on the top part of the website. By default, the flight search bar is shown. On top of the bar, you will get three tabs (flights, Hotel, Holiday). Flight: Flight search bar by default is shown on the page, and you only have to write your departure location in " from" box and destination location in "to" box. For example, you want to search a flight from New Delhi to Jaipur. You have to type New Delhi in "from" box and type Jaipur in "to" box. Then click on search. You will get your result in the below of search bar within few seconds. Hotel: If you want to search Hotel room to stay. Then, you have to click on Hotel and you have to type "destination name (Jaipur)” or Hotel name (in your destination) in hotel search bar, And press search button. All hotels related to your destination name will be showcased on the page. Holiday: Now, in the case of holiday Package search, you have to type "destination name", "package Name", "country name" or "state name" and packages related to your search will be showcased.

    • What purpose does One-way; Round Trip and Multicity select button on top of the Air search bar serve?

      On the flight search bar, you will find three more tabs with the name of "one way", "round trip", and "multi-city". While searching any flight, you have selected one type from these three tabs. "One way" means you want to search for your current location to your destination location. For example, you want to search a flight from New Delhi to Jaipur. "Round Trip'' means you want to go to your destination location and then come back to your current location after some days. For example, you want to search for two flights. One is from New Delhi to Jaipur and another one is Jaipur to New Delhi. "Multi-City" means you want to search flights for more than two places (for multi cities). For example, you want to search for a flight from New Delhi to Jaipur. Then, you want to search for a flight from Jaipur to Amritsar and Then Amritsar to New Delhi. You will get all three flight in one search with multi cities tab.

  • Trip Planner
    • How can I best use the Trip Planner?

      Holaji Trip Planner is an extraordinary new visual approach to explore destinations, you will get travel information and plan your journey accordingly. You can get an idea on where to go, how to go, where to stay, what to see, what to do and more. We have invested a lot of time and efforts to provide you such amazing holiday packages. You can pick any package as per your holiday mood and explore the world. Accommodation, breakfast, transfers, sightseeing and many more that will be included in tour packages.

    • How does I customize my trip?

      Holaji offers you to customize your holiday trip as per your comfort. For this, you can search flights, hotels to stay and for how many days, according to your convenience.

  • Ratings and Reviews
  • Cancellation and Refund
  • Flight Search
    • Which airlines do you search on holaji?

      You can search almost all airlines on holaji. If you don’t find any airline and think that is necessary to add in our list. Then, you can tell us.

    • How come holaji price is cheaper than all other travel portals?

      Holaji looks directly on airline websites for the best fares sold straightforwardly by the airline. Numerous airlines sell cheapest air-tickets without any other site, secured by the best charge ensure for these web-fares. In this way, holaji will wind up discovering the cheapest prices on similar airlines. In nutshell, holaji search on a number of routes to find the best optimal routing for you on affordable price. A blend of carriers and stops found on holaji are certainly exceptional!

    • How much does holaji charge me? Are there any hidden costs?

      No, there are no hidden charges, if there are any charges that will be shown at the time of booking.

    • How do I cancel or change my flight reservation?

      holaji only helps you to search and book the flight. If you want to change or cancel it, you have to contact to the direct booking flight helpline.

    • Are taxes and booking fees included in the prices that you show?

      Yes, all taxes and booking fees included in the prices that are shown in search. If not added, then that will be added at the time of booking ticket.

    • How do you convert foreign currency prices?

      While searching as International user, we convert foreign currencies into your country's currency for comparison purposes. For this, we use the most accurate foreign exchange data available on the day of your search. Then, the actual ticket price depends on the individual policies of your credit card provider, bank, and the site where you are buying your ticket. If you find any discrepancies, then contact your bank or credit card company.

    • I don’t see my favorite airline on holaji?

      This is quite possible that some airlines may not available on holaji. As we told you earlier, that holaji just shows you the flights and helps to book them. Booking is done from the third party. If some airlines are not available in search, then it seems that airlines may not in connection with our partner.

    • Why is that my search results did not show any results?

      Though we strive to search all the possible routes across multiple airlines, and in parallel of time that is available in data. But if you find that there is any direct/indirect route is not available in search and you have that route in your mind. You want that route will be added in the data. Then please, let us know that, and we will try to give value to your suggestions.

    • Why does the airline website give me a different price than the one shown on holaji?

      We always try to keep our prices up to date. As you know, the prices of flights go up as the date of the flight comes near. This is the only reason for the price differentiation of the same flights. But if you find any issue related to prices then please let us know in the feedback box.

    • I know a flight exists but it doesn’t show up on holaji. Why?

      We attempt our best to available multiple possible combinations of flights. Sometimes, we can't get some flights because a supplier's website is temporarily unreachable.

    • Can I search international flights on holaji?

      Yes, you can search for international flights on holaji. Because this is an international travel website. You can search for any flight from anywhere to any destination with any currency. Holaji can be used in any country very easily.

    • Does holaji take international credit cards for airline bookings?

      Holaji enables you to book directly on airline sites. Since most airlines in India allow international credit cards to be used on their own sites, by using holaji, you have more prominent surety of international credit card acceptance while making your flight booking. IF the airline does not support international credit cards, the icon will be displayed error automatically.

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